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It was going so good for Stephen Kessler when he was little by little introduced to marijuana at the age of 22. When he was heading into his senior year just about to graduate from college and looked like a good life ahead of him Stephen turned into a regular marijuana user. Marijuana then took control of his life (Kessler). Because of many other stories like this, all eerily similar there are numerous reasons as to why marijuana should remain illegal.

Marijuana is a very common drug and is used worldwide. It is the most used illegal drug in the United States. Marijuana is a green, brown, or a gray mixture of dried, shredded, stems and leaves. Marijuana’s scientific name is Cannabis, but is usually referred to as pot, herb, weed, Mary Jane, and reefer. Marijuana’s different types are also referred to as “Texas Tea,” “Maui Wowie,” “Chronic,” and “Purple Haze.” These different names are typically referring to the strength and location that the drug came from. The strongest forms of marijuana are sinsemilla, hashish, and hash oil. Marijuana is commonly used in a pipe, bowl, joint, blunt, and to brew tea. Now that these items are becoming so effortless to get a hold of teens and adults are finding more and more ways to use marijuana.

Since the 1960’s forms of marijuana have been getting stronger and stronger because of new chemicals that are being laced (added) into the drug. The main chemical in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), but marijuana also has 400 other harmful chemicals. The affects THC are altered perception of time, sense of well being, mild jubilation, feeling of relaxation, and relief from anxiety. People that use marijuana are usually in this state of relaxation and can cause serious harm to others. Ordinary marijuana has three percent THC, but as marijuana strengthens the percentage of THC rises. Hashish, which is the sticky resin from the female plant, has an average of 3.6% THC. Sinsemilla, the buds and flowering tops of the female plant, has an average of 7.5% THC. Hash oil, the tar-like liquid that is distilled from hashish, has the highest average of THC with 16%. Since the forms of marijuana are getting worse (stronger) marijuana consumers are getting a better tolerance to the drug. Therefore they are finding ways to make marijuana more dangerous, and putting the society in danger.

For many decades teens have been the target for advertising, clothing and even drugs. Many teens are sucked into trying drugs because of curiosity and the desire to fit into popular social groups. A recent survey showed that the use of marijuana among high school seniors has increased by about 62% since 1991. The proportion of those seniors who believe regular use of marijuana is harmful has dropped by about 27% from 1991. Part of the reason for the increase in marijuana use is because the parents in this generation have also tried marijuana in their younger years. Therefore they are scared to talk to their kids about the use and harmful affects that marijuana has on the body. Another reason for the use of marijuana in teens is because of the culture change in today society. Kids are growing up watching movies that promote violence, drugs, and sex. These three things lead the youth to doing illegal things because they think it is all right. The government is partly to blame for not promoting enough anti-drug slogans and cracking down on the entertainment industry for promoting and glorifying drug use.

Marijuana is a very potent drug and I easily detectible. The first signs of marijuana use are signs promoting drug advertisement. This includes clothing and posters that would promote drug use. Another indication would be drug paraphernalia such as pipes, bowls, bongs and rolling papers. Odder on clothing and in bedrooms is also another clue that somebody is using the illegal drug of marijuana. With regular users of marijuana you can start to see that they will have a behavior change. The person may have withdraws from the drug, they might go into depression, they will become more fatigue easier, and they will be more careless with their grooming. All of these physical and mental problems can get worse and lead to death or lower their reputation among their peers. Marijuana can take its toll on the body just like any other drug or chemical smoked or eaten. With the chemical THC and the other 400 chemicals the drug contains marijuana can lead to short-term and long-term effects. Depending on your body size and the amount of exercise the user does amounts to how long these various 400 chemicals will stay in the blood system. The effects of marijuana depends on the quantity of THC taken in, the way it is taken (orally or inhaled), the amount of exercise done (following the use of the drug), where the drug is used, and what else is being taken along with marijuana (other drugs or alcohol).

A person that just recently used marijuana will feel some or many of the short-term effects of the drug. These affects are problems walking and dizziness, slaphappy, red eyes, problems with short-term memory, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, loss of coordination, poor sense of balance, and slow reaction time. Two to three hours after using marijuana many of these affects will wear off and the consumer of the drug may feel sleepy or lackadaisical. When a person is driving after using marijuana he/she may find that is hard to handle complex problems and just distances up to 24 hours after using the drug. Because marijuana affects your brain he/she may also find it hard to concentrate and learn during class time. Recent studies show that while under the influence of marijuana the person will be less functional during athletics, school and any other activity involving thinking and coordination.

All forms of marijuana are mind-altering drugs. Marijuana affects the part of the brain that controls memory, attention, and learning. Long time users of marijuana may find that in the later years of their life that the drug will take a toll on their mental functions. Even though the researchers have not completely finished their research they still have some sort of idea on what marijuana will do to you in the long run. They believe that it will have the same affects on your body, as tobacco does. Marijuana may cause breathing problems, phlegm production, and the consumption of marijuana may cause chest colds more often then most non-users. Studies show that marijuana use may cause forms of respiratory cancers, and throat cancers. The amount of tar inhaled by marijuana smokers and the level of carbon monoxide absorbed is five times greater than among tobacco smokers. In this case another study showed that marijuana abusers had more sick days and more doctor visits for respiratory problems then tobacco smokers.

During pregnancy a women is putting her child on the line. During the growing stages of the fetus the mother can harm the child by smoking marijuana. When the child is born it is most likely not to be harmed physically but mentally. This could lead to several problems. As the child matures they could find problems in the earliest years of the infant and even into pre-school years. The child might encounter problems with decision-making, memory, and the ability to remain active. This could be an ongoing problem for the child and they will soon find themselves behind the others in their grade.

Although many people support the legalization for medical marijuana there is a slight chance that it will happen. Marijuana is not generally accepted as a safe and effective treatment for glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease that affects the optic nerves of the eye and is usually treated by inhaling or orally taking marijuana. It is said that THC in marijuana is the chemical that lowers the pressure on the optic nerve but there are no decisive studies to indicate that marijuana can safely and effectively lower intraocular pressure enough to prevent optic nerve damage. With the new technology, scientists are finding out new ways to take the chemicals that are in marijuana and turn them into safer and legal drugs. Scientists have found out ways to take THC from marijuana and form it into a pill. The patients that are diagnosed with glaucoma can then take that pill and get the same affects as they would if they smoked illegal marijuana.


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