English Paper Writing Rules

Even though you may feel as if you are not that bed in essay writing, there is always room for improvement and one way of improving your essay writing skills is to know about the general English paper writing rules that can enable one to write not just a good essay, but an excellent one.

Once you have the topic to write the essay on, making miscellaneous observations on the topic is good but this is not sufficient to make the essay paper become accomplished. You should also have a main argument and many other arguments that back up the main argument that explores the main topic.

The argument that you include in your paper should be one that proves something and the writer should be able to back up the content of the arguments with readings from peer reviewed texts. Gathering information that you can use to provide back up to arguments usually requires that one carries out some reading and research. During the research process, the writer needs to keep the main argument in mind because this is what guides the student on what to read and what not to read.

In most cases, the topics that students are given do not come with ready-made thesis statements because instructors want to see just how good the student is at developing their own thesis statements. The best way to develop the thesis statement that will work for your essay is to ask oneself a couple of questions the answers to which one shall be seeking to answer in the essay paper. After attempting to provide answers to these questions in the mind and without writing, one should select the question that appears to lead to strong arguments and the one whose answers are more likely to tackle the issue raised in the question paper.

There are several ways that one could use to present the main argument of an essay but it is a general rule the organization of the paper in relation to how it starts, develops and concludes, should be designed in a way that presents the main argument in a clear and persuasive manner. In most cases the order that one uses to explore the main argument does not matter much although it is always a good idea to begin with strong argumentative point and also end with strong points. There are several tips that could make one improve their academic writing significantly and these include beginning to write the essay paper early enough because this way, one gets sufficient time to explore sufficient data and transcribe the details of what one has found out about the issue of the paper. Also, one should always write in an organized manner.

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