How to Write a Term Paper Bibliography

If you want to write an accurate term paper bibliography, you should begin by learning what a term paper bibliography is and how it is written. A bibliography is basically a reference list containing all the sources used in writing the term paper. This reference list is important because it gives the paper authority, in the sense of indicating that the information included in the paper is actually accurate.

Lets move on to the placement and format of the bibliography page. The bibliography is placed at the very end of the paper and includes works cited or references formatted according to the citation style used to write the term paper (i.e., APA, Harvard, MLA or Chicago). The title of the bibliography page should be centered and begin with a capital letter followed by small letters. The sources in the bibliography list should be arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the author, or just by title if there is no author. The first line of each source should begin on the margin line, but the second and following lines should be indented. Although the bibliography page is the last one in you paper, it should be formatted and neat as the rest of the paper, to receive a good mark.

The writer should compile a bibliography when writing a term paper that is heavily or even partially relies on the source material. The basic bibliography entry for books includes writing about the author of the book, beginning with the author’s surname followed by the first name or initials of the middle and last names. The title of the book should be in italics. The publisher details, the name of the city where the book was published and the date of publication should follow. Of course, the arrangement of the contents highly depends on the citation style that has been adopted by you institution. One will always find it easier to write a bibliography when keeping track of each source used to research the paper. While writing the body of the paper, the writer should always write a preliminary bibliography, then the writer should list all the sources used in the correct order. While listing the sources of the term paper, the writer should include all the necessary details for each source.

Additionally, a reference serves many other purposes such as helping to distinguish your thoughts from those of another person, because the cited material will indicate the thoughts of another person, while the incited material will indicate your own thoughts. The bibliography also serves to illustrate different points of view taken by different authors. As mentioned above, the bibliography validates the essay material by referring to documented evidence in the paper. When looking for material to support your essay, be sure to use published information, because it is credible and will add credibility to your paper. The bibliography is also important to the essay because it informs the readers of the scope and depth of your research. Finally, the bibliography also illustrates the writer’s understanding of the subject.

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