How to Write a Term Paper

Learning how to write a good term paper starts with a great idea. Most instructors want to know what topic area you will work in, starting from basic and working towards more specific information. You may decide to develop a paper regarding cancer education for high-risk target groups, or a short study in childhood education – relationships between learning methods and teaching methods.

Start with these easy steps for how to prepare a successful term paper in any subject:
•    Identify a topic
•    Gather initial research from peer-reviewed sources
•    Determine between 5-10 primary sources of information
•    Define the scope of your topic based on the research
•    Write out an outline including introductory sentences
•    Begin reference pages and in-text citations with the rough draft
•    Write the body of your paper, then the introduction, and the conclusion
•    Finally, set your paper aside for a few days before you read it and edit it.

You need solid, clear, and very good term paper tips; however, there is no single solution to writing a paper, only general guidelines. For instance, in addition to the above-mentioned points, consider your audience. News stories and magazine articles are written to support the needs of the general population. This audience style conforms to what is considered the “lowest common denominator” of the audience – a 7th grade reading level. Contrary to these written sources, most term papers are developed for similar audiences as peer-reviewed sources or scientific journals – a 12th grade or higher reading level.

There are very few term paper writing guides that can teach these necessary skills; however, you can learn audience grade level writing through reading other research papers. Consider using the Thesaurus function in your Word program, exchange words such as “construct” for “build”. Words themselves do not exclusively control the paper’s grade level. Sentence structure contributes through placement of words, and combination of ideas. A single subject/action sentence will have a lower grade point level than a more complicated sentence.

“This is how to do a good term paper”, has a reading level of grade 1. “In order to prepare a successful term paper, you will need to develop quality sources from peer reviewed journals and textbooks,” is reading level 11.1. “Organizations, including colleges and universities, develop term paper writing guides as resources for students seeking to improve their ability in developing solid arguments and using quality research for successful term papers,” has a reading level of 22. Keep in mind, however, that the higher grade levels the lower the reading ease. Reading ease measures how the structure of your sentences builds flow, and is easily followed by the reader. The sentence ranking reading level 22 felt awkward in the section “ability in developing” and may have served the paper better to be written at a slightly lower reading level. You can try it yourself, how might you rewrite “I will be writing a good term paper for my Social Sciences course”.

These are just a few good term paper tips, when you consider how to prepare a successful term paper, keep in mind your audience.

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