How to Write a College Term Paper

Learning to write successful college term papers is important to the success of every student in college. First and second year students often have the most difficulty with the college term papers because these are the longest papers they have ever written. There are three primary focuses for every college term paper – research, application of knowledge, and formatting.

Research is essential to success in all college term papers. Developing research begins by selecting a topic, refining it, and finding supportive evidence. Most colleges will allow first year students to use a number of online sources for papers; however, as of the second and third years in college your papers should begin using peer-reviewed sources and studies. As of the Master’s degree level, all of your college term papers should include your textbooks and peer-reviewed sources rather than online sources.

Application of knowledge is the goal of the college term paper because this is the defining moment when you prove that you have learned something in your degree program. You can do this by demonstrating how the knowledge you have gathered – from your text, readings, and research, will be applied to your field. When you demonstrate application of knowledge, you are applying the information to a situation or to the field.

Finally, formatting is a very important part of the college term paper – everything from paper formatting to research and reference formatting. This can cost you only a few points or many points, if you fail to get the formatting down – use the sources from your school as the primary examples of formatting and be sure to learn from previous mistakes. Writing the best college term papers takes time and practice, all of which you can successfully learn through the first few years in college. Now you know how to write a good college term paper…