Term Paper Format

Term paper formats may vary between colleges and even instructors. However, most colleges will select a format based on APA, MLA, or other related formatting base. It is essential to begin with the primary formatting type, such as APA, and then review what your school may be doing differently. You will find most instructions in the syllabus from your instructor, search for specifically the term paper format, or simply check for paper formats.

When formatting your term paper, you will need to know a number of things: You will need to know what size the margins on your paper should be – most often; this will be 1 inch and the default of the MS Word format. You will need to know where the page numbers go – most format styles put the number in the top right corner; however, some put it in the bottom center. Font size is almost universal, nearly all colleges use 10 or 12-point Times New Roman font. This font is used because it is perceived to be the most common business style font, professional in appearance, and believed to be the most easily read font type. It is true that some colleges have elected to use Arial instead. This is easily set in your MS Word program by selecting your text and changing the font typeset and size.

Term paper format is the place most students will find that the instructor has removed points, and the proper format often takes practice. To reduce points being taken on format, read the material careful from your course and your school. Everyone can learn to use formatting based on his or her college needs.