How to Write a Good Computer Science Term Paper

How to write a good computer science term paper! Here are the answers you have been looking for, the answer to how to prepare a good computer science term paper. We would say you could do this in less than three days for a 20-page paper; however, that is rarely the case. You should give yourself at least one day per page of paper you have to write. In this way, you will be able to research your topic, select appropriate references, and build the information into a demonstration of the combined information you have.

Here is an example of your schedule if it is for only seven days:
• Day One – brainstorm your idea, free-write for at least 15 minutes to get a feel for what you will want to write. Start with questions that need answers.
• Day Two – find readings and research that relates to your brainstorm idea (or a list of possible ideas not more than 5 long).
• Day Three – clarify what your topic will be about; begin writing short summaries of the most productive of your research to later be applied to your paper.
• Day Four – format your paper, margins, outline, and set-up headings (even if they only say Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, etc.). Start your page of resources, fill in everything you already have and place the summaries in the body of your outline with your in-text citations.
• Day Five – Start writing in the body of your paper, use your research, complete the whole body of the paper, and set the paper aside.
• Day Six – Go back to your paper and read through it – make corrections, check to see if you need more research, and then write the introduction and the conclusion.
• Day Seven – take a break for at least 12 hours from your paper and then read it aloud to start editing.

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