How to Write a Term Paper on Abortion

Term papers are an important way of assessing student’s progress in schools. Many students do not know how to prepare term papers and many of them end up scoring poor marks. Preparing a term paper on abortion, especially in an ethics course, is very important. Abortion is a subject clouded in secrecy and myth and in some countries, it is illegal. As a result, there is much ignorance on the subject and a lack of sound, well-presented information on the issues involved. It is a complex subject as it touches moral, emotional, and religious issues about which there are many diverse views and attitudes. People also fear that others will discriminate against them for their views on this controversial issue of abortion. It is therefore important to know how to write a term paper on abortion clearly, and one that is well presented. We offer you some suggestions on:

Just like any other term paper, a term paper on abortion must have three main sections:

  • Introduction
    This section gives the background information, and explains what issues the essay seeks to address. The topic is introduced, and all the necessary definitions about the topic are properly given. In the introduction section, the writer may want to explain what abortion is, and why it is different from miscarriage, or stillbirth.
  • The Body
    The second and the most important section of the term paper, is the body. This section should debate the issues raised in the introduction. Here the writer should seek to elaborate on them as much as possible.
    1. You can use case studies in the body of the term paper. It is practical also to use literature review.
    2. Articulate all the issues in a manner that people who do not have any medical or religious backgrounds can understand them.
    3. Know your audience
    The issue of abortion involves people from all backgrounds, and the writer should not only seek to sensitize the adults, but also educate the young people on the same. Therefore, the paper should present information that is soundly based and authoratative gives a fair presentation of the religious and moral aspects, together with the practical medical facts involved in having an abortion.
  • The Conclusion
    This final part of the term paper should tie the introduction and body together in a powerful way. The writer should ask himself/herself what lessons can be drawn from the discussion in the body of the paper. All the points should come together in a conclusion that the reader can trust, based on the presented facts.
  • Presentation
    The writer should ensure that the paper has minimal errors and typing mistakes that may be misinterpreted to change the meaning.
    Ensure that all the sentences in the paper make sense. This means that proofreading the completed paper is inevitable.
    Also, ensure that he/she does not deviate from the issue under discussion, which is abortion.

Follow these guidelines and you will be successful in writing your term paper in college.