How to Write a Term Paper on Global Warming

Environmental concerns and challenges continue to escalate as the human population continues to increase. The reason is that people must fight for the limited resources that have increasingly become scarce. As this concern for diminished resources remains, people are caught in a difficult situation. This has prompted many to come up with ways of encouraging individuals, corporations, and whole societies to desist from engaging in activities that will worsen the current problem of global warming. One of these ways of sensitization is the use of research papers. Teachers often encourage students to write a term paper on global warming to promote environmental conservation.

Highlight the Cause/Effect Relationships in a Good Term Paper on Global Warning
One of the important issues that writers must consider is the causes and effects of global warming. The writer should seek to understand why some actions are so crucial that those who commit them appear unconcerned about the global warming issue. The term paper ought also to include what scholars in the field of environment science have said about global warming. While the writer may not be well versed with environmental issues and the complexity in handling the matter, he/she should understand that writing the term paper is easier when one considers what is happening within the area he/she lives. The reason is that everyone who understands what global warming is able to tell what needs to be done in addressing the problem. Global warming is not a one person’s task or the task of a single nation. The writer should therefore be bold enough to pint out the countries that have done nothing or even done very little in preventing global warming despite their huge contributions in the emission of gasses that worsen global warming. For instance, countries like China have been blamed for their huge contribution to carbon emissions, but the writer should not be blind to the huge population that China has. Being the country that hosts one sixth of the world population, China is less unlikely to be among the countries that emit less carbon gasses.

Examine Current Policies in a Good Term Paper on Global Warning
The writer should also examine what policies countries have put in place and their compliance with the Kyoto protocol that sought to resolve the issue of global warming. Many countries sign agreements that they do not honor at all. This has led to increasing pressure from the international community that calls upon such countries to respect their promises. The writer should not be biased when preparing the term paper on global warming but should take into considerations the views and opinions of people from all nationalities irrespective of their gender, political affiliations, color, or regions. The writer should summarize the term paper by calling upon all people to join hands and address the problem using the available resources that they have.

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